Chat Room

Hello Bin Weevils!

Hello and welcome to the Chat room page, a page where you can chat on this blog’s official chat box!

This chat replaced the previous chat box which was Bin Weevils Discoverers Ltd chat but we re-vamped this blog and we made a new chat because the other one wasn’t that good enough and users were using innap language. Please click on the link below to visit the chat…

Xat Extreme Weevil

Bin Weevils - Free Online 3D virtual world   Online Games   Watch Videos   Enter Competitions


1. No inappropriate homepages unless if the mod or owner says so.

2. No violence and swearing. Any Violence and Swearing will resolve in a kick.

3. No hacking messages or credible threats or giving out Bin Weevil usernames and passwords.

4. Do not post any other XAT Links on the chat (1 Hour Ban)


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