Dosh’s Palace Easter Egg Competition in the Bin!

Hello Bin Weevils! 

It’s that time of year again for Bin’s most billionaire, Dosh to start decorating! Each year when this comp starts, one Weevil will send in some designs and then, the winner will get randomly selected and the winner will receive 50 Dosh coins and 5000 Mulch!

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To learn more about the comp, please  click here! Last years winner was geisha-girl and I have to say, her design was Bin-brilliant! Why don’t you go and make yourself success!

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The Great Egg Hunt Coming To The Bin Soon and Bin Weevils Are Getting A New Logo!

Hello Bin Weevils!

As I watched Bin Weevils Video on FaceBook, the Great Egg Hunt will be coming soon to the Bin and at the last part of when the video ends, Bin Weevils will be receiving a new logo, you can spot it if you check out this video that they published:

The Great Egg Hunt looks fantastic as Bin Weevils are very busy for Easter and updating everything. The video gives gives us some hints of what’s going to happen in the Easter Egg Hunt next week and possibly, I think you can collect Daily Rewards like Dosh, Mulch or Nest Items if you find the hidden Easter Egg around the Bin!

Also, Bin Weevils is getting a new logo for their site. The old logo was around from 2007 and now Bin Weevils are finally updating everything and everyone can’t wait!

What do you think? Comment below with your Bin-tastic thoughts!

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