Bin Pets

Hello Bin Weevils!

Hello and welcome to the Extreme Weevil’s Bin Pet Guide, a page where you can learn about Bin Pets, to teach it to run on Tip Toe, how to jump on your back and so much more to discover with Extreme Weevil’s helpful Bin Pet Guide!

Bin Pet stats

Every time your Bin Pet does some exercise, jumps on your back or runs on tip to, it’s Bin Pet stats goes up and if your Bin Pet stats goes up, your Bin Pet gets more active and starts to learn all of the moves really quickly. The stats include, health, fitness and rest.

532e9fcfbf8660-87314971Bin Pets also have Experience. As you an see in the picture above, Bandit’s Bin Pet has 20000000004 Experience because he has been trained allot.




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