Abdullah5401′s Productions

Hello Bin Weevils!

I am Abdullah5401. Many people might know me from Bin Weevils, You Tube, etc. I own a blog called BinExtreme also I own a channel called Binweevils abdullah5401.

Well, I got into Bin Weevils when I was at a friends Birthday and on he’s laptop, he was in a place called Dirt Valley which looked so good so I started playing it and it’s better now. I started Bin Weevils in 2011 when I made my first Bin Weevil which was Abdullah5402. Later, my brother wanted an account so I made abdullah5401 for him. I didn’t like my account very much so I took over my Brothers and my brother took over mine.

After that, I played on my account and reached level sixty before a year. Later on, new levels came out which went up to level sixty-five so I went to level to sixty five and I finally did it. When I made it to level sixty five, I started to learn how to hack and then, I basically made a You Tube account and added some videos about hacking but later, I have them hacks out so Weevils could hack and everybody could do them. Now, I left Bin Weevils because it is boring and most of the stuff is Bin Tycoon.



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