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Hello Bin Weevils!

Hello and welcome to XP’S Productions, a page where you can learn more about he wacky world of Bin Weevils, how to start and how to play, basically, this page is a guide for Bin Weevils fans. In this page, we will be showcasing the latest Bin Weevils information wherever you are a new Weevil. We will promise that we will guide you around this Bin Weevils Fan Site wherever you go!

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Hello there! I’m Oliver, a Bin Weevils player that has continuesly playing Bin Weevils for four years and I would love to share my experiences with you like when Bin Weevils Team changed the way how Bin Weevils got played and how there was USA Bin Servers and Inks Orange Peel and all that stuff that I have got in stock for you for you, the reader waiting to discover! I have been on Bin Weevils for a very long time, like, when I became buds with the Maker around in the Bin in 2006 when I first started Bin Weevils on my old account. You may have seen me around the Bin exploring, finding hunt bubbles and making posts, well, my name is XPWINNER6656 and I am on level 56! Please don’t hesitate to find me in the Bin and say hello, I always like a good chat and become buddies with newly people that have started Bin Weevils!

Bin Weevils is one of my best virtual worlds that I have played and I dislike Club Penguin and all that stuff because they don’t have the in-game features like Bin Weevils does, as you can get virtual money and spend it on nest items which is purely fantastic and you can level your avatar up which I think is fantastic!

I hope you enjoy my page, please hover over this page for more Weevil’s information on Extreme things. You will see a drop down of sub-pages waiting for you! Just click on one of them and start reading, viewers!



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