The New Bin Weevils Logo!



Hi everyone!

Have you noticed any changes on Bin Weevils recently? Well, just in case you were too busy hunting for Easter Eggs and missed it… we are very VERY proud to present the brandnew BIN WEEVILS logo!

To celebrate this bin-credible news we are giving everyone the chance to unlock a free nest poster showcasing the new logo design!


Help celebrate a brand new era of Bin Weevils by displaying this poster proudly in your nest!


We also have one more piece of exciting news to share with you today…

The Bin Weevils team are thrilled to announce we are working on a BRAND NEW game – Weevil World – for mobile and tablet devices! The game will feature a new world and characters – it’ll be like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

As if that isn’t enough… here’s a sneak peek at this exciting new project:

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