Extreme Weevil introduces Twisted!

Hello Readers!

I’m Twisted a friendly and new author on Extreme Weevil. It’s a pleasure to be part of the crew brining you the bin’s best posts and loads more. If you need to know anything about the wacky world of Bin Weevils then one of the best ways is by emailing Oliver or me at Twistedbinweevils@outlook.com Here’s a bit more information about me,

BW Birth: 21st December 2012

Level: 25

Level to be achieved this December: 33

This was posted by Twisted and if you copy, we will take serious action.

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About Swarmed

I am a fantabulous blogger called Swarmed. I normally post in term time, I have made many achivement including coming 3rd Place in the Weevily Wonder Awards. I hope you enjoy the scoop I bring to all the blogs I work On.

6 thoughts on “Extreme Weevil introduces Twisted!

  1. Sorry, I’m not on a PC I’m on IPad in London and I live in Buckinghamshire, I’m at my Grandads house and he don’t have a PC.

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