Welcome to Extreme Weevil!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Hello and welcome to Extreme Weevil, a Bin Weevils Fan Site bringing you all the Bin Weevil info you need, for your Weevil! This site was created by Oliver, a Bin Weevils player that loves to blog about Bin Weevils and will help you wherever you go around the wacky world of Bin Weevils! The name, Weevil Extreme, was given by blog’s co-owner, Abdullah5401.

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Did you now…? Bin Weevils is the leading virtual world in the UK and they receive up to 200,000 players a day leading up to their Trading Cards, Official Bin Weevil annuals and magazines that come up in Good News agents! They also won the Bafta Kids Vote for three years; 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Contacting Oliver:

Have you ever always wanted to be an author on here or send us in questions or suggestions? Well, you have came to the right page where you can contact us! Please use the following contact’s below…

Twitter: @OliverMcDap

FaceBook: OliverMcDap

Gmail: Wazzierapper@gmail.com

We hope you enjoy this blog. We have many pages in stock for you, why not go and visit them!


8 thoughts on “Welcome to Extreme Weevil!

    • Hey Edd, the reason why I re-vamped my website is because another blog copied all my info, rules, blog name, header, xat chat, etc.

  1. As your so generous and kind, would you mind liking a few posts and pages on my blog, binweevilsbillions.wordpress.com. Also, I kneed to know what days you would like to post on?

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